Document Scanning & Imaging Services

Have the monthly charges from document storage companies that promised just a few dollars every month become $100s, $1,000s, $10,000s, or more?

Does it take you longer to search for a file than it does to read a file?

Are your files taking over your expensive office square footage?

Are you tired of constantly moving file boxes out of your way?

Do you need an adequate back up system for your files in case of theft, carelessness, fire, flood, natural disaster, etc?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then now is the perfect time to get those documents scanned onto a searchable PDF stored on CD, memory stick, external hard drive, and/or cloud.

We offer affordable high speed on-site and off-site document scanning services for businesses and individuals in San Diego County. We are here to help you with your document scanning, archiving and storage solutions, making document management more affordable and lightning fast without purchasing any high dollar scanning equipment and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.

Why Scan?

  • No more file cabinets or expensive off-site storage.

  • Find documents instantly with searchable OCR files. OCR allows the user to search with a simple click of a button instead of hours of physically digging through boxes.

  • Share and distribute documents easily and securely.

  • Store documents on an accessible, searchable, and free or inexpensive cloud.

  • Create a back-up plan for critical data.

  • Never again will projects be delayed because of missing or unavailable documents.

  • Create a clean office.

  • Create a secure office.


  • We offer fixed/firm upfront pricing without hidden fees.

  • We only use CNG and/or Electric vehicles for pickup and delivery.

  • We are a local San Diego small business!


Because no two scan jobs are the same, there is no simple answer to this question. We use a two-step process for quoting your project and at any point you can cancel:

  • First, we give you a quote via email after we get a description of what you have (pictures help tremendously!) and what you want. This price quote is usually accurate, but no one wants “surprises” at the conclusion of the project.

  • Second, we visit your site, inspect your documents, and give a firm/fixed price quote for the total project. This is usually where the client accepts the quote and we take the documents, but as aforementioned, you are not locked in.

  • If you are looking for a ballpark figure for scanning, we average about $150 per file box. But please remember that prices vary greatly due to box page count, additional services, and job requirements. Please email or call for more exact pricing!


  • Pick up of documents and delivery of CD, memory stick, external hard drive, and/or cloud, and all “un-scannable” items

  • Document Indexing (up to 20 per box)

  • Both sides of a page are considered one page

  • Output to PDF with OCR

  • Image Enhancement (Deskew/Despeckle/Autorotate… aka your PDF with OCR will look better than the actual document you gave us!)

  • Black & White pages

  • 300 DPI resolution

  • Certified Document Destruction

  • $200 minimum project charge 

Additional services are available (contact us for pricing): 

• Page Preparation 

This process is preparing the paperwork to be scanned. This can include, but not limited to, removing all staples/paperclips/binders/tape, unfolding folds, opening envelopes and removing content, organizing varying sizes and types of paper, sorting “un-scannable” items from your box, etc. 

This process must be completed before scanning can begin and many times is more time consuming than the actual scanning of the documents.

• Document Indexing – After 20 (File naming from the folder tab)

This is the process of naming the documents once they have been scanned using the name on the folder tab. We include 20 indexes per file box for no charge. 

• Color Scanning

This is where you receive your scanned documents in the same/similar color shades as they were on paper.  

• Flatbed Scanning

This is a very time-consuming process where we take the “un-scannable” documents (sticky pads, small receipts, thin/thick/crumpled/ripped/old/fragile paper, etc) and place them on a flatbed for scanning.  

• Onsite Scanning

This is where we come to your office with our equipment (scanner and laptop) for documents that are too sensitive to leave the building.