Bin Services



This paper shredding service is an economical way to keep up with day to day shredding. Many businesses produce too much paper to shred themselves and many times the papers that should have been shredded end up in the garbage.

We place a bin or bins in your office for no charge and shred the contents on a schedule that suits your needs.

 We can set a schedule from daily to quarterly pickups for as little as $20/shred. 


By far the most popular shredding bin in the document destruction industry. It blends in nicely with most offices and with so many presently in the field is an expected sight. This bin holds up to 100 lbs of documents. Dimensions - 35”h x 19”w x 16”d.


This bin is a great compromise of form and function. This is not just a garbage can with a lock. It was designed from the ground up specifically for the paper shredding industry. It has three wheels which make it a cinch to move when necessary and holds 200 lbs of paper. Dimensions - 41"h x 25"w x 29"d.


Form definitely follows function with this bin. Not the best looking piece of office furniture, but holds 300 lbs of paper and if you have a closet or a warehouse area, it is the most cost-effective solution. Dimensions - 46”h x 27”w x 34”d.