Green Shredding began as San Diego Shredders in 2005 after Chris Reynolds tried to get a paper shredding service to shred one box of documents. He called every company in San Diego and Los Angeles with little luck. He finally found a company in Orange County that would shred his box if he waited on the curb for an hour and paid them $140. It was settled.

He cashed in his 401k, bought a truck and shredder and he was in business.

In the beginning, he targeted small business and residential customers with Google and Yahoo internet marketing. He was his only competition because the big shredding companies did not use internet marketing, nor did they care about servicing that segment of the market.

San Diego Shredders grew very quickly in a niche market.

In 2008, Green Shredding was born (and incorporated). San Diego Shredders had always recycled, but the new company was going several steps farther. Reynolds created a business that is in every way eco-friendly. No more giant diesel trucks polluting the environment. No more waste. Green Shredding is the only shredding company in the world to utilize a 100% Green fleet and offer a free reuse program for office supplies.

Each year Green Shredding donates 1000's of binders to "Back to School" programs for underprivileged children. 

Today, Green Shredding has over 1000 bins in the field with big and small businesses, recycles over 1,000,000 pounds of paper per year, and shreds for well over 2000 different customers per year. We are still growing strong, sticking to our green guns, and hoping for a green future.